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Signs of Breast Cancer
There are a lot of women who are suffering from breast cancer in the world today. Women are encouraged to make sure they have some checkup most of the time to make sure they are okay.
There are many more breast cancer signs apart from this one. This exercise should be easy for everyone to perform. When you need to perform this task, you need to do it alone without the help of anyone. Once you realize that there are some lumps or a lump, then you should rush to the hospital for further checkup.
There are many other signs of breast cancer. Below are some of the signs that you should be aware of.
Breast pain. We have some women who could be experiencing some in their breast when they are having their monthly period. One should be careful and make sure you do not experience more pain even after your monthly period. It could be a sign of breast cancer.
Your skin might start to dimple. Doctors say that cancer that has affected the breast is likely to cause the skin around the breast to start turning orange peel. This is a sign of breast cancer and one should not ignore it if you experience it. Early treatment can be the best and save your life.
Swelling on the breasts. If you experience your breasts swelling you need to seek some medical attention. This might be assigned that a tumor is growing in your breast. You will note that this might make your breast to look larger than the other one. If you see this taking place, you should not take any more time, get some medical assistance immediately.
Lumps in the breasts. It is advisable for all women to perform some checkups on their breasts. This checkups do not consume a lot of time, energy or any cost. All you need is some few seconds especially when one is taking a shower. The lumps are not only found in the breasts, there are other people who might have them on their underarm or collarbone. If you experience this, get some help from a doctor who will help you understand what is taking place in your body.
Fluid coming from the nipple. In most cases, doctors say that nipple discharge is one of the first sign that one could be suffering from breast cancer. Although it could be the last stage of cancer. When there is some discharge, then one must be experiencing a lot of pain on their breasts since they are tender and swollen.