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Why You Should Have Your Commercial Windows Tinted

Window tinting films have evolved so much in recent years. The age of peeled edges and weird colors is over, and what’s left are hard-wearing films that are more beneficial to building owners and occupants alike.

Energy Efficiency

Summer is when a building’s air conditioning system works the hardest in terms of regulating indoor temperatures, driving up electricity costs. Window tinting films can bring considerable return on investment by blocking a large percentage of the sun’s heat. Superior performance films can actually filter up to 75% of that heat, allowing them to reduce the operating costs of most commercial buildings, especially during hotter months.

More Comfort

With solar-filtering window films, hot spots in the office can be controlled as the amount of light that gets into each room is regulated, while computer screen glare is reduced. The above lead to a total environment that improves the comfort of employees and clients in the building through the entire year.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

Window films enhance a building’s privacy while still letting enough natural light inside. Vandalism, accidents, harsh weather conditions are some of the saddest realities for any commercial building. Window tint films controls further damage by acting as a protective sheet. In case the glass is shattered, the tint will also hold even the pieces together until the window can be replaced, hence avoiding injury to occupants.

Interior Protection

The sun’s rays can destroy nearly everything, from flooring to furniture to even merchandise. This damage can be prevented with the help of tinted window films. They reduce UV light and general solar damage, such as surface cracks and discoloration.

Better Exterior Look

Modern window tinting and films can give any building, regardless of age, a newer, sleeker and more professional look. The films themselves make any piece of glass look neat and clean. Even if different curtains or blinds are used in different rooms, the films will make the building look uniform all throughout when view from the outside. They can even be peeled off and replaced with a new film these days without actually having to get new glass – just one of the cost-saving benefits of window tinting.

Low Maintenance Costs

Lastly, window tinting demands very little maintenance. As film is not as porous as glass, any dirt or streaks will not be as clear to the eye, the glass will look shinier overall, and the period between glass cleanings is much longer. If the windows actually need to be washed, a basic mild detergent and water solution is often enough, and the glass must be wiped dry afterwards with the use of a paper towel or soft cloth. From time to time, it is also good to polish the films using silicone products.
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