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Why PVC for Your Shower Panels?

Most of us are of the assumption that tiles are our single option when it comes to our bathrooms. PVC shower panels are starting to make an impression on a market that was once dominated by tiles. And when you find out about their exceptional benefits, you’ll quickly learn why.

Below are reasons waterproof PVC shower panels are the ideal choice for your new shower:


Over time, water can find its way into tiles and create unsightly cracks that destroy the look of your once pristine bathroom. However, PVC is impermeable through and through, and will never be affected by water. On top of that, PVC shower panels are made to fit tight, which means even the smallest water droplets will never find a way through the space between panels.

Fast and Simple Installation

Tiling a shower is often a lengthy and labor-intensive process, what with all the cutting to shape and fitting of every piece into the contours of your shower. Good thing PVC is way more malleable than tile, not to mention far less brittle so that it’s considerably quicker and more convenient to work with. Fact is, you don’t even have to touch your tiling – simply put your PVC over it, fixed!

Little to Zero Maintenance

PVC shower panels require minimal maintenance, never demanding more than a fast wipe to retain its spotless appearance. On the other hand, grouting between tiles harbors mildew and other fungi, and is likely to stain with time. With PVC not requiring grouting, water droplets have no room to accumulate.

Energy Efficiency through Insulation

It is relatively unknown that PVC is quite an effective insulator, especially at a thickness of around 8mm, which happens to be recommended for shower and bathroom panels. Besides that, because of the seamless attribute of waterproof bathroom panels, it is impossible for heat to leak out. This gives you a bathroom that warms naturally and reduced heating costs .

Sleek, Modern Appearance

Tiles may have adorned bathroom walls for since forever, but a lot of us now prefer a more modern, more seamless look that is impossible to achieve even with the priciest shower tiles. No matter your taste, there’s a great possibility that you can find PVC bathroom wall tiles or shower tiles in the exact finish or color you desire.

Cheaper Cost

Lastly, one extremely obvious thing about PVC shower panels is their cost-effectiveness – the fact that they are physically larger than tiles automatically makes them cheaper overall. Not to mention that a lot of stores like to offer big discounts, especially when you’re ordering online.