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Importance of Checking Details on a Pay Stub

If you are caught with fake stubs, you could incur a hefty fine or even go to jail. Some people have not heeded such warnings and continue to use fake check stubs. Such fake stubs are unfortunately used in making some critical financial decisions by landlords, employers, financiers, and such individuals. There is nothing good or excusable about misleading people in such fashion. You need to protect your business interest from those who present fake stubs. It calls for you to know how to differentiate the fake ones from the real ones. You will learn here that process.
The best move is to contact the company that is believed to have issued them. They most likely were in the habit of using a check stub maker for records of all paid wages. Some of those stubs you see do not necessarily show genie info. Some are even from fictitious organizations. It is why you need more info about the organization. You should not have a hard time finding more info about the organization’s license online, and where it proves tricky, the local authorities will let you know if even such a license exists.
You need to also find out about their relationship with their former employer. Once you establish there is such a business, you then need to ask them more about this person who worked for them. If they have no recollection of the individual, you were presented with a fake pay stub. In cases where they can confirm the person was an employee, ask them to verify the details provided. You need to have asked the candidate for a written and signed permission form giving such permission. You will know if the info they provided, such as their previous pay, was correct. Some people embellish that info in an attempt to get better pay.
You can make the verification easier by asking for their W-2 form. It is possible to make a fake one, but these are not that simple. All details on the pay stub and the W-2 form need to align. If you see errors; then the stub is most likely fake.
You may also ask for the applicant’s account statement. It goes further to provide more reliable info. There should also be a match here between the pay stub info and what their previous employer transferred to their account.
Another tactic is to let them know you wish to verify the details they gave you. They will also make sure they only share true details.
There have been cases where the forgery is so good you cannot suspect any details provided. It calls for more caution. Check the minor details, which usually go unchecked as they attempt to make the most convincing forgeries. You can also learn more about those tricks on this site.

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