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Jewelry Pieces That Men Can Wear
When you encounter the word jewelry what you immediately think about at first is that this is an item that can only be worn by women. This is the reason why you are so surprised to find that your mom’s gift for you on your birthday is that of a bracelet. You think that bracelets are only appropriate for women. But in fact there are some jewelry pieces that men are allowed to wear in public. In this article you will be able to find out what these pieces of jewelry that men can wear.
1. Rings
When one speaks of rings people usually think that the only rings for men that they can wear are their weddings rings. But there are other rings for men that they can wear. If you use the search phrase rings for men you will see examples there that are not wedding rings.
The signet ring is another kind of rings for men that is used by some men. What makes this ring special is that there are symbols that are engraved on it representing the family that one comes from. They wear it with pride. Another type of ring that men can wear on their finger is their frat ring or university ring.
If you are a man who wants to wear a ring without meaning you can certainly do so. But be sure that you choose rings for men that are simple and classic.
Yes of course men can wear this piece of jewelry. When you decide to look it up on the internet you will learn that this has actually become sort of a trend for men today. When it comes to bracelets there are actually different kinds of it that you can choose to wear.
Beaded bracelets
Beaded bracelets can come in different colors but many prefer the all black ones because they are manly in appearance.
Leather bracelets
This is the most widely used type of bracelet among men. It is actually easy to match this bracelet with any outfit.
Bracelet Cuffs
Bracelet cuffs can be made out of different metals. If you are going to wear this piece of jewelry just remember to not wear it on the arm where you have your watch.
Among all the jewelry items that men wear this is considered to be the most ubiquitous one. Many men though do not know that this is also categorized as jewelry. There are many designs and styles of watches that are available in stores now for men.
This kind of jewelry is usually worn during formal events such as a black tie event.
5. Tie Clips
These serve the purpose of keeping your tie in place. Its having a function does not mean you cannot choose a fancy one for it. You can make yours fancy by having something engraved on it.